The Deep Bench

Deep Dive

Decoding Futures

It is an integral part of our work to understand how technology will shape our world in the future. Therefore, we are maintaining a live database of relevant technology forecasts sourced from the worlds of science, business, and politics.

This allows us to get date-specific information about the expected arrival of future technologies, and to simulate potential futures.

We developed an algorithm that clusters the forecasts according to their semantic relationships. By using scripting tools, we created a data visualization that allows us to display the larger context and thereby brings the information into perspective.

“Innovation at its best joins data-driven analysis with a human-centered process.”


To bring the database to life, we built an intuitive chat application: our Future Bot.

The use of natural language processing allows an interactive, dialogue-based interface capable of proactive suggestions.

This tool ensures that our innovation initiatives are grounded in solid data.

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