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Dear Customers, Business Partners and Friends,

We regret to inform you that on 31 December 2023 The Deep Bench GmbH will cease operations. This decision is the direct result of the tragic loss of our Founder and Managing Director Philipp Refior, who passed away unexpectedly in August due to cardiac arrest.

Philipp’s experience and passion were the creative foundation of The Deep Bench, and he was the pillar for our customers and our global network. Together with them, he developed new ideas and concepts, inspired and guided our team, and ensured the success of The Deep Bench. After extensive consideration, we have come to the conclusion that we are unable to fill the gap left by Philipp.

The company will operate until the end of the year to complete all commissioned projects, and to support a smooth transition for any outstanding issues. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Philipp and the team have taken great pride in delivering the best possible work at The Deep Bench, and have always enjoyed working with you. We would like ot take this opportunity to thank you for your trust and loyalty over the years, and we are sure you will share our sense of loss.

Yours sincerely,

The Deep Bench

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Today’s focus on innovation is driven by every organization’s challenge to be prepared for all potential futures in our volatile world.

Future readiness is therefore at the core of successful innovation. But it is more than creating the next product or service.

Future readiness requires a clear objective, a shared culture of innovation, a sustainable innovation engine – and agility to withstand uncertainty. Future readiness consequently requires a holistic approach to innovation.


The Deep Bench’s approach to strategic innovation

Innovation in a future-ready organization has to address three essential pillars that are at the basis of all of our work: people, futures, and the organization.

Understanding what drives people’s behavior is essential to creating new offerings for them. However, this understanding has to be put into the context of possible futures to be able to experience the necessary frame of reference.

To introduce this approach into the organization a customized process has to be created to affect the individual mindset and create momentum. 

We are experts in human behavior

Our psychological expertise is our key to a deep understanding of people’s behavior, emotions, and needs. Our unsatisfiable curiosity combined with lots of experience allows us to always dig deeper.

What we bring to the table: Psychological & research expertise, experience in human-centered processes and behavioral design, expertise in gameful experiences.


We make futures actionable

We are always on the lookout for the latest trends and developments that affect technology, society, and our planet in the future. To inspire and lead, we leverage the transformational force of design turning forecasts into immersive scenarios and tangible visions.

What we bring to the table: Future reference frameworks, our proprietary knowledge base „Future Radar“, the power of prototyping and visualization.


We break down silos

We work closely with our clients, Each of our projects follows a custom structure to make sure to best engage all necessary stakeholders. We go beyond simply delivering results and teaching methodology. We collaborate to create change that affects process, mindset, and momentum.

What we bring to the table: Experience in facilitation, teaching, and sparring, cultural expertise, and a strategic mindset.

What we can help you with



Philipp and Christiane founded The Deep Bench with the aim to connect in-depth psychological understanding with business, strategic thinking with operative experience, and holistic analysis with creative magic.

We live by our name: our agile and collaborative setup combined with our extensive network allows a customized approach to every project and gives us the ability to always add the right experts for the challenge. We love what we do.

Our name derives from a sports metaphor. Having a deep bench means having a large number of expert players – always being able to configure the perfect team for each match.

One Mindset. A Wide Variety of results

Our work encompasses meaningful strategies, actionable insights, and brand and product transformation for different industries and companies of every size.